pen-signatureOne of the biggest mistakes many artists, bands, and other talent make during the course of their entertainment careers is not getting legal help soon enough. Many aspiring authors, musicians, actors, producers, models, bands, and others often make the error of relying on their managers or agents to pair them up with a lawyer. This can often lead to disastrous consequences, with the entertainer receiving very little independent legal advice by a lawyer who is actually looking out for their best interests.


When to Get an Entertainment Lawyer? 

If you are an actor/actress, model,  singer/songwriter, artist,  a  musician, band, photographer, scriptwriter, producer, filmmaker, or are writing, producing books, movies, songs, or anything else, you should get an entertainment lawyer to make sure: 1) you are on equal bargaining terms with a much larger agency, label, production company, or studio; 2) that you understand what you are signing; and 3) get credit and compensation that you deserve. A Los Angeles entertainment lawyer can help you accomplish these tasks.

What Kinds of Things Can an Entertainment Lawyer Help With? 

Entertainment lawyers can help negotiate deals and opportunities for you, and represent you if you have a dispute involving an entertainment matter. They can assist with:

  • Reviewing contracts
  • Negotiating terms of a deal, arrangement, opportunity, or contract
  • Helping you deal with intellectual property issues, licensing, sampling, and other creative exprssions
  • Investigating your rights to royalties and making sure you are getting paid the royalties you are due
  • Helping you with public relations issues, image- or reputation-management, and working with your team to help take your brand to the next level
  • Dealing with a lawsuit, dispute, or other legal matter involving others

If you are involved in any type of entertainment matter and need legal advice, our law firm can help.

How Much Will it Cost to Hire an Entertainment Lawyer? 

There is no one set way that entertainment lawyers do billing/fees. Different lawyers and firms do billing differently, and charge based on different tasks. The average entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles can charge $400 – $800 per hour – which can be way too expensive for emerging artists, actors, filmmakers, authors, or other developing talent.  Axis, however, offers a number of affordable options available as part of its Access to Justice Program, by which the same high-quality legal services are provided to clients.  We also offer on-demand legal services, flat-fee services, and contingency services, for clients looking for reliable legal counsel and a long-term relationship.

For information on retaining Axis Legal Counsel for legal advice on any entertainment matter, contact or call (213) 403-0130 for a confidential consultation about your legal issue. Axis is a Los Angeles entertainment law firm representing clients with numerous types of entertainment matters and disputes.


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