Sassembllyenate Bill 1177 passed through Legislation unanimously last week giving parents a little more peace of mind that their kids’ information is being kept safe during use in schools. The Bill aims to keep all student related data used in online education and initiatives safe from online threats.

Once officially signed into law, Bill 1177 will prevent sensitive data and profile information used by students/schools for online education efforts from being used by marketers or sold to third party vendors. This is a huge step in keeping California kids safe from the potential dangers of participating in online education efforts without causing schools to abandon the new tools that can add so much to the student learning experience.

Having access to the internet inside of classrooms opens an entirely new world to educators – but as valuable a tool as the world wide web is it also contains a multitude of potential dangers if it isn’t used with the proper precautions. Hackers, identity thieves and predators look for sensitive information that isn’t well secured and collect it for monetary gain, to sell to third parties or for any number of other nefarious purposes. Implementing the measures of Bill 1177 may not be the complete and total answer to online security for California school children but it is certainly an excellent first step toward ensuring that data that needs to be kept private is properly encrypted and that student profile information isn’t shared beyond the virtual walls of the educational system.

Identity theft is a very serious crime that can cause quite a bit of damage for the victim. If your vital information has been stolen, either physically or through online sources, you’ll need some professional legal help in order to get yourself back on track. Reach out to an experienced California attorney to get advice on what measures you need to take to move forward after you’ve been a victim of identity theft and to see what recourse you might have against the person responsible for your financial and emotional damages.

California law protects victims of breaches of privacy and provides them with an avenue for recovery against perpetrators.  In California, it is unlawful to publicly disclose private facts which would be offensive and objectionable to a reasonable person, which are not of legitimate public concern.  It is also unlawful in California to intrude upon the personal affairs of others.

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