discrimThere are some advantages to being a temp or contract employee – working as a contract employee allows you to regularly experience new atmospheres, new people and new duties.  One of the primary disadvantages of being a contract worker lies in the area of employee rights and privileges.

A new law in place in California aims to improve the landscape for temporary and contract workers.  Under the new law, companies that bring in temporary or contract employees will be required to take responsibility for paying those employees.  There are also measures put in place with this new law that will keep temporary and contract employees protected when it comes to injuries sustained on the job.

This is a major win for employees in the state of California and for the more than three million people who work as contract or temporary employees across the US.  All people should be entitled to a safe working environment and should feel confident that they will receive payment for services rendered.  This new law will go a long way to ensuring that for workers in the state of California and hopefully other states will follow suit sooner rather than later.

Worker’s rights laws are constantly evolving to ensure that employees are protected and treated fairly.  Rules relating to wages, liabilities and workplace practices are in place to protect employees from discrimination, dangerous and unsafe conditions or unfair treatment.

If you feel as though your employer (either temporary or permanent) has created an unsafe or hostile environment or if an employer has unfairly held your pay you need to reach out to a professional as soon as possible.  An experienced California attorney can review the details of your situation to determine if your employer is at fault and fight to ensure that you receive fair treatment and proper compensation and help ensure that you are working in a safe environment that is free of discrimination.

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