meal-restThe primary drawbacks of being a temporary employee typically revolve around the lack of security and protection due to the nature of the work.  Most temporary employees aren’t offered the same benefits that a traditional full time employee takes comfort in, but a newly passed law in the state of California aims to at least secure pay and workers’ compensation coverage for this very large (and growing) cross section of workers.

This recently adopted law will make the companies who hire temporary employees in California take responsibility for ensuring that those employees are paid and for ensuring that they are protected with workers’ compensation insurance.  This means that employees who work through temporary services will be able to have confidence in the fact that they will be paid for the services that they provide and that they will be covered in the event that they sustain an injury on the job.

This new law will require California employers to create the same safe workplace for temporary employees that they would for those who are permanently employed by company.  This is a huge win for all employees who prefer the diversity of working through temporary agencies over taking long term positions with the same company.

California is consistently viewed as one of the best places in the US to work when it comes to employee rights.  Employers are required to provide a safe, discrimination free place for their employees and the provisions put in place with this new law work to extend those rights to employees who are seasonal or temporary.  This creates a better environment and working experience for all of the employees who work to make a business function.

If you have had issues with a permanent or temporary employer regarding pay, benefits or discrimination you need to discuss your situation with a qualified attorney.  An experienced California attorney can examine your employer’s actions to determine any wrongdoing and fight to get you any compensation or benefits that you may be entitled to.

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