sex-harass2Sexual harassment training is already a requirement for supervisors in California based businesses, but a new law is going to require some additions to the training protocol.  Starting January 2, 2015,  California based businesses will be required to include a curriculum designed to identify and prevent bullying in the workplace as part of the two hours of required training related to harassment.

While the requirements have been set for including bullying prevention into training session, the state has yet to release exactly how much training they expect to be devoted to the new content.  There is also no required curriculum that employers have been directed to use to complete the training.

Bullying and harassment are hot button topics and the subject of a multitude of lawsuits nationwide.  This new requirement is putting the onus on employers to ensure that their employees have all the necessary tools and education required to minimize or eliminate instances of abuse in the workplace.  While this would appear to be a win on all fronts for employees and employers in the state of California, the lack of detailed information when it comes to suggested curriculum or resources could be an issue for employers.

If your business falls into the group of companies that will be required to offer the new anti-bullying training you should reach out to an experienced attorney for help.  A qualified California business attorney can evaluate your current and suggested training protocols to make sure that the curriculum you are using will meet or exceed the requirements set forth in the new law.  If there are gaps in your protocol, your California attorney can suggest a new route that will help ensure that you are in compliance and ensure that your employees are getting the training that they need to properly identify and diffuse instances of bullying, abuse or harassment in the workplace.

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