UK-domiciled Hanna Dodkin, the “winner” of former reality TV show “Hydra Executives” has filed a lawsuit in California federal court alleging that she was deprived of the $1,000,000 prize money.  According to reports, she and a fellow contender, Beverly Hills architect Richard Best, “both won” the prize, but the money was not given to Dodkin, and instead, given wholly to Best.

Hanna Dodkin, Courtesy of Daily Mail UK


Unfortunately, there is not much information about the Hydra Executives show available, other than it was a “competitor” of “The Apprentice,” filed in UAE and featured back in the spring of 2009, pitting eight American entrepreneurs against United Kingdom counterparts.  The show was founded and hosted by UAE real estate tycoon Sulaiman Abdul Kareem Mohammad Al-Fahim, apparently a repeat contender on the list of the “World’s Most Influential Arabs.”

The public version of the complaint does not appear to be available yet for download, but it will be interesting to see how Richard Best responds.  For further proof that no good deed goes unpunished, the reports are that Best had donated $100,000 of the earnings to the United Nations to help combat malnutrition after receiving the prize money.  Interestingly enough, Best does have the finale episode available on his website (linked to a YouTube channel), which will make interesting evidentiary fodder.

Jan. 5, 2012 Update: Courthouse News Service has obtained some more details to this story.




Richard Best, Courtesy of His Website