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A lawsuit has been filed against Sean “Diddy” Combs, claiming that Diddy assaulted a alleging the music mogul punched and pushed a man and his girlfriend at Teddy’s, a nightclub located in Hollywood, California at the Roosevelt Hotel.  According to the lawsuit, Combs was talking to Rechnitzer’s girlfriend when Rechnitzer approached. Combs, 37, then yelled at Rechnitzer “in a threatening and ominous matter,” the suit claims.

According to the lawsuit papers, Diddy  “intentionally, willfully, knowingly and unlawfully attacked, assaulted and battered” Rechnitzer, which caused him to  “fly backward several feet” and injure himself by hitting a parked car. The suit also claims that Diddy “attempted to spit on another female member” of Rechnitzer’s group.

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