searsCalifornia-based Star Fabrics has officially filed a lawsuit against multiple retailers, included Sears Holdings Corp, for selling copyright protected fabrics and patterns.  The lawsuits revolves around specific designs which Star Fabrics asserts are protected and names Sears and three designers as being involved in the illegal sales and distribution of those designs.

This lawsuit names French Connection Group, Sakutori Designs and Pacific Alliance USA Inc as suppliers of the protected patterns and Sears as the retail establishment delivering the knock-off designs to consumers.  Star Fabrics Inc is seeking monetary damages for lost profits, damages for additional charges and an injunction that will prevent the production, sale and distribution of the protected designs by the defendants.

Copyright infringement is a serious issue that can’t be taken lightly.  Unfortunately the illegal sale and distribution of a protected product can take place for an extended period, doing serious damage to the earning potential of the rightful owner, before it is identified and stopped.  In some cases proving copyright infringement is also a very difficult task that requires the help of an experienced and knowledgeable professional.

If you feel as though a company or individual has taken a protected product, image or idea that belongs to you and they are using it for profit without your permission you need to reach out to an expert on the topic.  An experienced California business attorney can pour over all of the details concerning your specific situation to determine if there is a strong basis for a claim.

Based on the dates and detailed information of your copyright filing and your sales prior to and after the incident occurred your attorney will be able to calculate exactly what type of impact the copyright infringement had on your business.  A plan will then be put into action to rectify any wrongdoing and secure damages that correspond to your loss.

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