Sensa Pays $9 Million to Settle Class Action Lawsuit Alleging False Advertising

Lending further credence to the notion that weight-loss products just don’t work is the recent  class action settlement by Sensa, makers of the “taste crystals” that supposedly deter overeating.

Sensa apparently made a fortune convincing consumers that purchasing Sensa and sprinkling the “tastants” on every bite would result in them feeling fuller faster and resulting in a net consumption of fewer calories. Sensa ads claimed that the product as “study-proven and “peer-reviewed” as a proven weight-loss supplement.

Apparently, it was all a hoax. Last month, Sensa agreed to pay $9 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by a consumer alleging that Sensa tricked consumers into purchasing its products due to false,  deceptive, and misleading advertising. $6 million will be set aside to reimburse consumers who purchased Sensa.

The Los Angeles Superior Court presiding over the matter has approved the settlement on a preliminary basis (with the final hearing being held in November, 2012).  To make a claim, consumers should go here: for more information, and follow the claims procedures.