Axis Legal Counsel has been retained to represent beneficiary interests in a Los Angeles probate litigation dispute.

Probate Litigation results when there is a dispute between family members, heirs, or other interested parties over the Will, assets, or other property of a deceased loved one. There are numerous kinds of probate disputes: challenges to a Will that was fraudulently obtained, forged, or altered without the knowledge or approval of the deceased family member; Will contests, if there was more than one Will; claims asserted against the estate of a deceased loved one; breaches of fiduciary duty by the personal representatives of the estate; mismangement in the handling of the assets of the estate; or other controversies involving the deceased’s estate plan, Will, Trust, or other document

 Axis Legal Counsel represents clients in numerous kind of probate disputes, including estate / trust litigation, will contests, failures to diversify, or improper holding of assets, breaches of fiduciary duty, estate mismanagement, fraud, duress, undue influence, fraudulent / false / altered wills, beneficiary claims, improper trust administration, petitions to determine heirship, beneficiary rights, and numerous related matters.

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