A victim of a slip-and-fall at a popular retailer has hiredAxisto represent them in the dispute.

Axis Legal Counsel represents victims of numerous types of personal injury accidents and injuries, including car or auto/vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, trucks accidents, school bus accidents,  premises liability, slip-and-falls, products liability, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, gym/exercise accidents, and other personal injury accidents. Axis’s managing attorney, Rabeh M. A. Soofi is a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who represents victims of accident and injuries in numerous kinds of disputes.

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For information on retaining Axis Legal Counsel to represent you or a loved one with any accident or injury, contact info@axislegalca.com or call (213) 403-0130 for a confidential consultation. Axis is a Los Angeles, California personal injury law firm that provides victims of accidents and injuries with aggressive representation to pursue the maximum extent of their rights.