targetTarget, one of the largest retailers in the US, has come under scrutiny again – but this time it will cost them.  The retail giant will be forced to pay a $3.9 million dollar settlement as a result of a class action lawsuit that claims false advertising.

The lawsuit, filed in California, alleges that Target charged customers higher prices than advertised advertized on multiple products.  The lawsuit also alleges that the discount retailer failed to properly evaluate register scanners to ensure accuracy and that they mislabeled or misrepresented weights of certain products which resulted in consumers overpaying.

Representatives from Target have commented that at least some of the pricing errors stemmed from failure to remove signage after sales or discount periods had ended.  The company also addressed scanner inaccuracy complaints and the issues with products sold by volume.  Steps have been taken to improve scanner accuracy and a third party company will help to ensure that packages read the appropriate weight and price on Target brand products.  While these steps don’t help the retailer with the payout for this class action suit, it should help to ensure that all future sales are as accurate as possible.

Retailers are required to sell their products at the lowest advertised price.  If a transaction takes place where an item is sold for more than the advertised price, the consumer may have grounds to pursue legal action.

If you feel as though a company has duped you into paying too much for a product through false or deceptive advertising, you need to contact a lawyer immediately.  An experienced attorney can review receipts, methods of advertising and store policy to determine if any laws were broken.  In the event of false or deceptive advertising, your attorney can take steps to secure you a refund and pursue any additional damages you might be entitled to.

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