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Where to Look and How to Find One ?

AXIS Legal Counsel’s Entertainment Practice is designed to provide clients in California with reliable legal advise in connection with Music, TV, Film, Visual Arts, Literary, Photography, Fashion, and other Entertainment matters throughout California.


Finding a top entertainment in Los Angeles can be intimidating. The Internet is filed with the profiles of numerous attorneys, and it is not always clear who is a good choice when picking an entertainment lawyer. Different lawyers have different experiences, and most importantly, a lawyer’s approach, manner, and personality is difficult to assess over the Internet. If you are looking for top entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles, here’s what you should consider:

Experience and Practice Areas.  It is important to find a lawyer with experience in the practice areas that constitute entertainment law. Entertainment law can consists of everything from reviewing contracts, negotiating deals, advising clients on strategy, meeting with industry executives, helping pitch new ideas, projects, or endeavors, and most of all, being honest with the client about the negotiating points that can make a deal successful, or dangerous. Entertainment law spans multiple practice areas, including but not limited to contracts, dealmaking, business transactions, starting up new entertainment projects, and even to disputes, for example royalties disputes, or disputes about how profits or income for a particular project should be divided. in addition, entertainment law can include intellectual property issues, such as trademark registrations, copyrights, intellectual property disputes, and even infringement allegations, if another individual or entity infringes on the intellectual property belonging to the entertainment professional.PhiloButton

AXIS Legal Counsel has represented numerous  individuals and businesses involved with the entertainment industry, whether involving Music, TV, Film, Visual Arts, Fashion, Photography, Literary / Publishing, Digital Media, talent/artist side, company, technical talent, producers, studios, distributors, manufacturers, support teams, or others.  Our practice areas range from representing entertainers in negotiations, and dealmaking, as well as starting a new entertainment projects in music, TV, film, fashion, social media, digital media, literature, publishing, and others.

87% of Entertainers Don't Read Contracts They Sign

Not having a lawyer to represent you can mean the difference between success and stagnating. Don't get caught negotiating deals, raising money for an entertainment project, film, album, or other performance on your own. Experienced legal counsel can give you peace of mind.
 Fees and Billing.  Another important item to discuss with an entertainment attorney that you are interviewing is how they handle the issue of season billing. Many entertainment lawyers bill on an hourly basis, or take a percentage of what the entertainer makes off the top. This can seem very expensive for the entertainer.

AXIS Legal Counsel does not limit itself to these traditional and somewhat outdated billing methods. We represent clients using a variety billing mechanisms, which range from flat fees, capped fees, hybrid billing arrangements, budgeted billing, monthly retainer billing, as well as the more traditional hourly billing or contingency billing.  If you have questions about our rates regarding a particular project or legal need, please give us a call and we will be happy to give you a quote.  No runaway billing here.

RideAlonePractice Areas. If you are looking for top entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles, you also want to determine how deep the lawyer’s depth is in multiple practice areas. For example if you end up selecting a lawyer who only has experience with the literary industry, or only has experience with the film industry, you’ll need to find a new lawyer every single time a legal issue comes up, because you have selected a lawyer that has overly specialized experience. In our experience, most entertainment   clients need legal assistance not only in the area of their immediate need, but in other areas, including business transactions, negotiating, intellectual property, employment and labor issues, risk management, dealmaking, as well as dispute resolution. AXIS Legal Counsel has substantial experience in all these areas, and is intended to provide one-stop service for entertainment clients.

What Can We Assist You With? 

If you’re looking for a top entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles, AXIS Legal Counsel can help, with any of the following areas:

  • Music & Music Industry
  • Artists  and Talent Representation
  • Recording Artist, Band, Music Group Representation
  • Film and Television
  • Producer and Production Company Representation
  • Screenwriter Representation
  • Literary and Publishing
  • Authors, Writers, and Novelist Representation
  • Fashion and Fashion industry
  • Art and Visual Arts
  • Artist, Sculptor, and Gallery Representation
  • Photography and Photographer Representation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Entertainment Startups
  • Digital Media
  • Social Media
  • Mobile App Development
  • Many more

FeesButtonFree Consultations.  Importantly, you should try to find an attorney who will provide you with a free telephone consultation. Most attorneys will not give free consultations and person, however the good entertainment lawyer will not charge you for every moment that you speak with them. AXIS Legal Counsel provides free telephone consultations to clients and you do not need to make any appointment to receive a consultation. Feel free to give us a call at any time and tell us about your project. We will be glad to help. (213) 403-0130 or

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