Sued Again

John Travolta and his attorney Martin Singer have been sued for libel by Robert Randolph, author of the book “You’ll Never Spa in this Town Again.” Randolph’s book was allegedly about his gay encounters with Travolta.

Randolph accuses Travolta and Singer of spreading false statements about his mental health to discredit the book. Apparently, Singer, on behalf of Travolta, had written a letter to a gossip blog about the book, presumably to prevent the blog from publishing content about it. Randolph accuses the letter of being libelous.

What is interesting about the Chicago Tribune’s coverage on this story is that the Trib describes the two sexual assault lawsuits against Travolta as being “swiftly dropped” by the accusers “after doubt was cast on the details of their alleged encounters.”

This makes it seem as though the accusers were fabricating allegations.  Usually when suits are settled, money is paid specifically in exchange for the accusers to promptly drop their lawsuits. So no determination has been made on whether Travolta sexually assaulted the accusers or not, if the suits were settled by a monetary payment.  In that case, the truth will likely never be known due to confidentiality and non-disparagement provisions that are regularly found in settlement agreements.