Extreme conservative interests behind $11 Arizona opposition to California’s Prop. 30 and 32

Yesterday, the truth about the identities of the political contributors to the Arizona-based   “Americans for Responsible Leadership” group were revealed, after the California Supreme Court ordered them to disclose that information.  The legal battle between Americans for Responsible Leadership and California’s watchdog political interest groups began after Americans for Responsible Leadership spent $11 million opposing two California Ballot measures under the cover of “dark money,” a term used to describe political contributions made anonymously by corporate interests. Americans for Responsible Leadership spent the $11 million fighting  Prop. 32, a temporary tax increase, as well as Prop. 30, which would dramatically alter California’s campaign-finance scheme by banning labor unions from obtaining political contribution money through payroll deductions.

Last night’s article by the Arizona Republic revealed that the group, unsurprisingly, is funded by individuals and groups tied to the powerful billionaires David and Charles Koch as well as former Bush administration advisor Karl Rove. According to the Republic, “Americans for Responsible Leadership” was funded by a single other group, “Americans for Job Security,” which is itself funded by a second intermediary, the “Center to Protect Patients Rights.”  One of the intermediary groups is controlled by Sean Noble, an Arizona political consultant tied to the Koch brothers. Further, one of the center’s founding board members, Heather Higgins, has been a presenter at Koch fundraisers and her gorup, the Independent Women’s Forum, has received money from a Koch-controlled foundation, according to the Republic. Americans for Job Security, listed as a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association, according to Huffington Post, shares an office in Alexandria, Va., with Crossroads Media, a company that services Karl Rove’s American Crossroads SuperPAC.

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