UberCompanies built on peer to peer or sharing premises are supposed to make life easier in a number of ways.  These companies can provide valuable services for reasonable prices, take the stress out of sourcing services for the busy consumer and help reduce waste.  Unfortunately, some sharing companies are leaving a fairly large cross section of peers out of the mix by making it difficult for persons with disabilities to properly utilize the services offered.

Uber is a car service that is supposed to allow users to easily grab a ride from point A to point B through a simple app on their Smartphone.  No more hailing cabs, waiting out in the cold or battling others to get a ride, just a few clicks on your touch screen and your ride arrives.  While this is a fantastically convenient premise, the service has come under fire for not only not having cars that are accessible to those with disabilities, but for having drivers who have mistreated and/or abused customers with disabilities and their service animals.

The National Federation of the Blind has officially filed a lawsuit against Uber for discrimination.  Complainants have accused the peer to peer car service of offenses like leaving disabled passengers behind, causing physical injury to blind passengers and mistreating service animals.

As a peer to peer service which utilizes third party contractors Uber may run into some difficulty in delivering consistently stellar service to its customers.  If this company and others like it want to succeed though – they need to have all of their contractors on the same page when it comes to compliance with the law.  It is unacceptable for any service provider to exclude or discriminate against persons with disabilities and this lawsuit should be a launching point to help companies like Uber to begin to right their wrongs and get on course to provide a better experience to all people who want to utilize their service.

If you feel as though a company or service provider has discriminated against you, you should seek professional help.  An experienced individual rights attorney can listen to your story, determine if you have grounds for a claim and provide the best advice toward a positive resolution.

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