file5401265562230Fashion is a highly competitive industry where workers are often forced to produce high quality products in less than favorable conditions.  While the facilities in the garment district in southern California may not look like stereotypical “sweat shops,” there are major concerns surrounding conditions and worker pay.

During the course of labor department investigations of the garment district during the last fiscal year, investigators reported more than 220 incidents of wage theft totaling more than three million dollars.  More than 1500 workers at various facilities were short paid, failed to receive pay for overtime or sick days or were forced to work prior to clocking in or after clocking out. Other workers complained during the course of investigations that they had been fired for complaining about working conditions or for requesting increases in pay. There was also clear evidence that many facilities paid workers per garment completed, which often worked out to far below the federal hourly minimum wage.

Over the past five years the Labor Department has conducted more than 1600 investigations and evaluations of businesses in the California garment industry.  The findings of these investigations are borderline astounding with nearly 90% of the results showing some sort of labor violation.

Heavy competition and high volume is no excuse for poor conditions or stolen wages.  Workers in this industry are entitled to fair pay and a clean, safe working environment in which to perform their work.

If you feel as though you have been treated unfairly by an employer you need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.  An experienced California business attorney can evaluate working conditions and examine pay history in order to determine any violations.  If you have been mistreated at work your attorney can put a plan into action to secure lost wages and to ensure a safe working environment.

California labor laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act require proper wages to be paid to employees. Violations of federal and state labor laws can occur when employers misclassify employees as “exempt” from wage and hour laws, when in fact they should be receiving overtime, meal/rest breaks, and other benefits of labor laws. Violations can also occur when employers fail to pay minimum wages,  fail to provide equal pay, unlawfully use unpaid internships, or violate the countless other labor law requirements that must be followed.

AXIS Legal Counsel is a general practice law firm based out of Los Angeles representing clients in class action and individual actions for violations of federal and state labor laws, including California’s wage and hour laws.  For information on retaining AXIS Legal Counsel to represent you with respect to any wage, hour, or labor law matter, contact or call (213) 403-0130 for a confidential consultation, or visit our Employee Rights’ Practice Area or Individual Rights Portal for more information.

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