The 2011 earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan resulted in the meltdown of three reactors at Japan’s largest power company.  The damage associated with this tragic event ranks it right behind Chernobyl as one of the worst nuclear power related disasters that have ever occurred.  The radiation that escaped the Fukushima power plant forced more than 150,000 people from their homes.

Members of the US military who were on scene during the disaster won a judgment which will allow them fight their legal battle in the US instead of in Japan.  Requests by Tokyo Electric Power Co to have the case dismissed over jurisdictional issues and instead heard in Japan were denied.  A US District Court Judge ruled that the US military members could pursue their claim against TEPCOs affiliate in California.

Naval soldiers involved in the lawsuit are alleging that the power company displayed negligence in both elements of structure and function of the Fukushima power plant.  The plaintiffs are seeking more than a billion dollars from the power company to cover costs associated with health care, associated medical costs and additional damages.

In response, the primary power provider in Japan has alleged that some of the activities of the US military directly contributed to the damage sustained by the plaintiffs during the event.  This will likely be a focal point in their defense as they attempt to limit their financial responsibility in the claim.

Companies have an obligation to keep their employees and the public safe – when those companies deal with or produce something that is potentially dangerous that obligation tends to become magnified.  If legal representatives can prove that the structure of the power plant was lacking or that the facility didn’t have the necessary safety equipment or procedures in place this could prove to be a difficult battle for the defense.

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