Victoria's_SecretThe Ninth Circuit Court in California will be asked by plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against Victoria’s Secret to reverse a ruling that limited the number of claimants in the wages based lawsuit. In 2014 the suit was brought to reimburse Victoria’s Secret employees who as the suit alleges are scheduled for shifts and when they report to work are not always given anything to do. They go home but want to be compensated for their time.

In December, 2014,  a Federal Judge had ruled that some people in the suit should be trimmed as they had called ahead to see if work was available. These members of the suit at that time were trimmed from the action. In February the court ruled that a motion to trim the suit made by Victoria’s Secret attorneys would be denied as they had not made their arguments at the appropriate time. The size of the class could grow near 28,000 members after all this wrangling concludes but the problem remains for Victoria’s Secret to prove they do not owe their employees for what the employees say is personal time wasted that they should be compensated for.

Employee employer relationships can get into difficulty and the fact is that although the retailer is a large operation nationally their boutiques do require a lot of contact between management and employees to run smoothly. A California employee has the right to make sure they are properly compensated by their employer whether a national chain or local small business. If anyone is denied proper pay a California attorney with employee rights experience needs to be met with to explore all their options.

Some people have to bring suit to make sure they receive minimum wage for their efforts. Others have brought suit against employers for discriminatory practices that have been resulted in used in equal work but not equal pay for the same position. Consult with an attorney today if you believe your employment rights have been violated.

California labor laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act require proper wages to be paid to employees. Violations of federal and state labor laws can occur when employers misclassify employees as “exempt” from wage and hour laws, when in fact they should be receiving overtime, meal/rest breaks, and other benefits of labor laws. Violations can also occur when employers fail to pay minimum wages,  fail to provide equal pay, unlawfully use unpaid internships, or violate the countless other labor law requirements that must be followed.

AXIS Legal Counsel is a general practice law firm based out of Los Angeles representing clients in class action and individual actions for violations of federal and state labor laws, including California’s wage and hour laws.  For information on retaining AXIS Legal Counsel to represent you with respect to any wage, hour, or labor law matter, contact or call (213) 403-0130 for a confidential consultation, or visit our Employee Rights’ Practice Area or Individual Rights Portal for more information.

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