Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles CaliforniaIf you don’t have health insurance, getting medical treatment for an injury caused by someone else’s negligence can be a challenge. Of course, you can obtain emergency treatment at a hospital emergency room without regard to your ability to pay. However, most injuries will require follow up treatment, diagnostic procedures, and sometimes surgery. The emergency room will not provide your continuing care. For example, the acute care consists of getting x-rays, CT scans, being visited by Dr. for any lacerations, cuts, wounds, or injuries, or being treated if you happen to have any broken bones.

Most of the times however, Injuries that result from car accidents are considered soft tissue injuries. A soft tissue injury means that you have damage to back, neck, spine, vertebrae, ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissues. Although you may not have any broken bones, you may be in a tremendous amount of pain for me car wreck or auto accident. That is why it is important to get treatment for a physician, urgent care center, and emergency room as quickly as possible.

Getting Medical Treatment with No Health Insurance

if you have health insurance, then you will probably use your employer provided health insurance to pay for the treatment for the emergency room another physician services.

On the other hand, you may also have  public assistance in the form of Medi-Cal depending upon your income and assets. Any type of public health insurance my cover the cost of treatment as well. If you’re old enough, you may be on Medicare.

If you don’t, however, a personal injury attorney may be able to arrange for medical services on a lien basis, where the medical provider gets paid after you settle or win your case.

How does a Lien Work?

A lien is a legal promise you make to pay a medical provider for its services from your share of a settlement or judgment. Typically, you will be required to sign a lien form, much like a note or other document where you promise to pay money in the future.

You will then treat as directed by the medical provider, who will keep a record of the charges and provide them to your attorney who will use that information to evaluate your case.

If your treatment is paid by Medi-Cal / Medicaid, the government will have a lien for repayment, even if you don’t agree. If your health or car insurer pays for your medical expenses, most policies provide that the insurer will be entitled to reimbursement if you recover your damages from a third party.

Who Pays the Lien Back?

You will be responsible for paying the lien from your share of any settlement or judgment. Sometimes, lienholders may be willing to negotiate for a lower payment depending upon the outcome of your case and the nature of their charges.

After your case settles or you win at trial, the money is usually deposited into your attorney’s client trust account. The attorney will deduct his legal fees and costs of litigation. The balance left will be your share of the settlement. From that balance, the attorney will pay the liens of your medical providers and the remaining funds after the liens are satisfied will be paid to you.

Getting Legal Help

AXIS Legal Counsel represents victims of numerous types of personal injury accidents and injuries, including car accidents, auto/vehicle accidents, bicycle accidentsbus accidents, motorcycle accidentstrucks accidents, boating accidents, brain injuries, head injuries,  burn injuries, school bus accidents,  dog bite injuries, parasailing accidents, premises liability, slip-and-falls, products liability, trip and fall injuries, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, gym/exercise accidents, and other personal injury accidents.  AXIS handles personal injury accidents that have resulted in head injuries, traumatic concussions, fractures, fareadreviewssgcial fractures, facial trauma, and traumatic brain injuries.  Axis’ managing attorney, Rabeh M. A. Soofi is recognized as a “Top Women Lawyer of Southern California” by SuperLawyers Rising Stars, and is a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who represents victims of accident and injuries in numerous kinds of disputes.

For information on retaining AXIS Legal Counsel to represent you or a loved one with any accident or injury, contact or call (213) 403-0130 for a confidential consultation, or visit our Accidents and Injuries Practice or Individual Rights portal. AXIS is a Los Angeles, California personal injury law firm that provides victims of accidents and injuries with aggressive representation to pursue the maximum extent of their rights.


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