templeTemple of the Dog is at the center of a new lawsuit over the master tracks sole album is now the subject of a lawsuit filed by A&M Records. Ownership of the self-titled effort’s master tapes is being contested between the record label and Rajan Parashar, brother of late Temple of the Dog producer and London Bridge Studio owner Rick Parashar.

The album “Temple of the Dog” was recorded in 1990 and released by A&M Records in 1991 but never made the charts. The work was created in part by Chris Cornell’s roommate Andrew Wood, lead singer of a group named Mother Love Bone, who had died of a heroin overdose.

The singer and the band had recorded some demos and Cornell worked with some of that material and some of his own. The Soundgarden front man was concerned Wood’s family and friends might feel they were exploiting his work when he considered doing some of Woods solo material so they concentrated on the Cornell’s tribute songs and the demos with the help of musician and singer Eddie Veder. These musicians and Veder would go on to create the band Pearl Jam. In 1992, A&M Records released the album a second time when they realized that two of their most popular acts were involved in creating it and it made the charts selling over a million copies.

Now the master recording is a point of contention with A&M Records and the co-founder of the studio where the album was recorded. Rick and Rajan Parashar founded the London Bridge Studios and Rick, who passed away in August, was the producer of the album. His brother has the tapes and a spokesperson says they are his. Rajan was not part of an agreement that his brother had originally signed before the first release of the album in which Rick had promised to turn over the master.

The majority of musicians and artists go through at least one dispute involving the intellectual property and rights to songs, music, maters, and compositions during the course of their professional music careers.  Legal battles between artists, musicians, record labels, and even producers, studio musicians, singers, vocalists, and others can be bitterly fought and lead to years of arguing over who has the rights to the music.

AXIS Legal Counsel represents musicians and music clients in a variety of entertainment negotiations, opportunities, deals, and disputes, including properly addressing the ownership of master recordings, compositions, lyrics, as well as performance royalties, mechanical royalties, residual/back-end royalties, merchandise royalties, and other revenue streams. AXIS can also assist music clients protect their works by obtaining the proper intellectual property protections.

AXIS Legal Counsel’s music law practice is part of its Entertainment Practice area.  Whether it involves agents, managers, talent, musicians, artists, visual artists, producers, filmmakers, directors, photographers, actors/actresses, models, writers, authors, filmmakers, composers, television, singers, songwriters, publishers, or technical talent, AXIS Legal Counsel offers strong representation to all those within the entertainment industry.  Rabeh M. A. Soofi, managing attorney of AXIS is ranked as one of the “Top Women Lawyers of Southern California” by SuperLawyers Rising Stars, and is a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer representing entertainment clients with numerous types of legal matters.

For information on retaining AXIS Legal Counsel for legal advice on any entertainment matter, contact info@axislegalca.com or call (213) 403-0130 for a confidential consultation about your legal issue, or visit our Entertainment Portal for more information.

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