bumble-bee-tunaThe Bumble Bee Tuna Company has been charged with three counts of violations that had resulted in the death of an employee in October of 2012. Jose Melina, a maintenance worker, was killed in an oven at their plant in Santa Fee Springs. Two managers have also been charged in the accident. The man was doing maintenance on the industrial oven and another worker loaded the oven up with twelve thousand pounds of tuna and started it up. The oven reaches 270 degrees. The co-worker had thought the man was in the bathroom.

The two managers are facing up to three years in jail and the tuna company faces a maximum fine of 1.5 million dollars.  It is unusual for work related fatalities to bring charges such as this. ABC news reports that the Los Angeles District attorney has said her office has been investigating these types of incidents for the past few years looking for illegal practices that have led to deaths. The plant in question had been cited by the state before in relation to worker safety and their ovens. The fine was listed as $74,000.

The managers and the company are accused of willfully violating rules regarding the making of a safety plan and those that state any machinery being worked on should be shut off. The other charge is about violating rules in place for workers’ safety when they are working in confined spaces. The company claims no wrongdoing and has been appealing the $74,000 fine from the state.

Devastating losses to a family in a case involving safety hazards at work causing a wrongful death or injury can be addressed in court with help from a California personal injury attorney. This is an especially devastating loss but even those much less severe should be addressed and the person or persons who violate safety regulations on the job need to be held accountable.

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