Well known pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes has retained attorneys to pursue jakesrapper Young Jeezy for sampling his voice without permission on a remix of the song “Holy Ghost.”  The newly released remix features an opening that includes nearly 30 seconds of one of Jakes’ sermons, which he and his legal team claim is being used without permission.

Bishop Jakes has received world wide acclaim and respect for his work as the senior pastor of The Potter’s House, a church that is 30,000 members strong.  In addition to his powerful sermons he has also earned accolades for his writing and his efforts in Gospel music.  While the facts would seem to clearly point to Bishop T.D. Jakes being in the right, this certainly isn’t an open and shut case.  This case would seem to be a perfect example of “fair use” where the law allows for a small portion of content that is protected by copyright to be used without securing the owner’s permission.  In previous cases the courts have ruled that copying or “sampling” a small portion of protected material is fair use and within the limits of the law.

Copyright laws were developed to protect the owner’s physical and intellectual rights, but they can be very difficult to comprehend.  If you feel as though someone is using your likeness or your protected property to profit without your permission you need to seek out legal help.  An experienced attorney can evaluate your case, determine your rights based on the facts present and suggest the route toward the best possible outcome.

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